Wow, check out this beautiful Melbourne wedding photography shoot of Lauren and Thomas at Aerial South Wharf!

Gorgeous couple hugging during our melbourne wedding photography session

This was one of my favourite weddings of the season! Lauren and Thomas were just the cutest couple ever! So happy, so in love and so fun to photograph! Aerial South Wharf was the perfect wedding reception venue to host this perfect wedding!

It all started at the boys house, and as you know, boys will be boys! They we’re such an awesome bunch of dudes, full of life, happy and joking around all the time. We did plenty of shots inside while the boys got ready and once they were all looking sharp we busted open the scotch! I think some of the guys thought they were more manly than they actually were, as watching them cough and cringe as they drank the Scotch was very funny to watch. We did some beautiful family photos of Thomas’s Mom and Aunty and then headed outside for some final shots before the Aerial South Wharf wedding. A very fun session!!

Boys getting ready for the wedding

Then it was time to head over to the girls house. A beautiful big home with amazing interior decor, made my job VERY easy. The master bedroom was styled perfectly and there was plenty of natural light which is perfect for photography. Equally to the guys, the girls were just as fun and just as cheeky! We had so much fun joking around, drinking champagne and getting ready for the wedding. Lauren looked absolutely stunning, and once she was in her dress and ready, she blew everyone away! After an hour of shooting we finished up with some family shots and then it was time to head off to the wedding!

gorgeous bride doing makeup in preparation for her wedding at aerial south wharf

The rest of the day was such a blur, I can’t believe how fast the time just flew by. The ceremony was super cute and there was plenty of love in the air. The readings were touching and everything was just so easy to photograph. As we walked out of the church the clouds had blown in and for a minute I thought we were in trouble, but the rain held out and the weather (for me) was spot on. First stop was RMIT University in the city where we took plenty of shots of the bridal party and the couple. Second stop was the gorgeous Fitzroy Gardens, another perfect wedding photography location. Last stop was actually outside Aerial South Wharf. Before the reception started we decided to run down to the river and get a few more final shots before the party got started. Although it was getting cold in with the Melbourne autumn kicking into gear in the afternoon, the city skyline was still amazing and we got some really great final shots.

Finally it was time for their reception at Aerial South Wharf. Such an amazing wedding reception venue in Melbourne, one of my favourites actually! With a gorgeous view of the city and crown casino as we watched the flames roar into the sky, it really is a spectacular venue. The party started straight away with cutting the cake and dancing and did not stop until midnight!

This really is a must see wedding at Aerial South Wharf! Check out some of their wedding photos below: