Check out this MUST SEE country style wedding of Jenna and Matt at The Cape Kitchen in Phillip Island

I haven’t been to Phillip Island for ages, but this ridiculously stunning wedding reminded me that I need to go to back more often! Especially to The Cape Kitchen, with it’s gorgeous views, perfect location and awesome staff, it’s one of the best wedding reception venues that I have shot at in a while!

So, the day started at Silver Water Resort in San Remo. The boys were such good value, laughing, joking, enjoying beers as soon as I arrived. I got heaps of fun and silly photos of the boys as they got ready for the big day!

Then I was off to The Cape Kitchen to see the girls. As I mentioned above, not only is the wedding reception room beautiful, but the bridal suite is amazing too! With ocean views and plenty of space, I couldn’t think of a better place to get ready for a wedding! The girls were so awesome! They were all full of energy and laughter and just added so much value to Jenna’s day! As soon as Jenna walked out in her wedding dress, everyone was in awe, she looked absolutely gorgeous! Matt is going to have a hard time controlling himself! We took some really beautiful photos outside The Cape Kitchen on the cliff top overlooking the water, we all had a ball!


Jenna and Matt’s ceremony at Churchill Island Heritage Farm was so perfect. The sun was shinning, everyone looked fantastic and the surroundings were just picturesque for this cute country style wedding. I got plenty of shots of Matt tearing up as Jenna walked down the aisle, it was so cute! The whole ceremony went off without a hitch, an absolutely perfect ceremony!

Then the fun began! We spent about an hour enjoying the grounds at the Churchill Island Heritage Farm getting some amazing photos. The lighting was spot on and I saw photo opportunities everywhere I looked! I could have stayed here for hours! But the show must go on, we quickly pulled over on the side of the road to get some photos of Jenna and Matt running around 🙂 Last photo location was the San Remo Pier. The sun was almost setting at this point so the timing was perfect. The flare shone through the camera perfectly and we just got sooo many great shots!

amazing sunset wedding photo at the Cape Kitchen in Phillip Island

Last stop, The Cape Kitchen in Phillip Island! Just as we arrived the sun was right on the horizon so I had to get a few more final shots before it was too late. Just in time, we nailed it!!

Check out Jenna and Matt’s Wedding Photography at The Cape Kitchen below: