#1 Bright, Mt Beauty, Albury, Wodonga Wedding Photographer

I love travelling for weddings, and on this special occasion Cassandra & Tim invited me along to be their wedding photographer on the stunning snowy mountain top of Mount Buffalo followed by an absolutely picturesque reception at The House at Smoko in Bright. Gosh this was a wedding to remember.

These kind of adventurous weddings are totally my jam, so on a side note, if you’re engaged and looking for a kick-ass wedding photographer in locations such as Falls CreekMount Beauty, BeechworthMyrtlefordYackandandahAlburyWodongaMount Hotham or any other gorgeous location or venue in North-East Victoria, then I’m your man!

Ok, back to this love story! As I was driving up to Bright from Melbourne, all I saw was sunshine and was thinking to myself, gosh these guys are lucky, the weather is going to be amazinggg. BUT, as soon as I entered Bright things changed, the storm hit and we were in for a very interesting wedding indeed.

The House at Smoko Wedding Photography

Tim and his crew were getting ready at The House at Smoko. If you haven’t heard of it, The House at Smoko is next level beautiful. It’s a wedding retreat set on 28 acres between Bright and Harrietville in Victoria’s High Country. It’s a wedding photographers dream as the views are out of this world and even as the rain settled in, it make the house and surroundings looks more lush than ever.

The boys were a hoot. Joking, laughing and making fun of each other all morning. Tim seems completely cool with the weather and was just happy to go with the flow. I loved this attitude!

Check out the wedding photography of the boys below:

Bright Wedding Photographer

The girls we’re equally as chilled out and awesome! When I arrived they were chilling out, listening to music, getting their hair and makeup done, sipping on champagne and just loving life.

I have to mention, Cassandra had just found out that the wedding ceremony that she had planned to take place on a lush field overlooking the mountains was now going to be a wash out due to weather, but not to worry,the boys were “onto it” and will find a solution!

News like this would normally make a bride absolutely freak out, but Cassie was cool as a cucumber, knew the boys would find a solution and was happy to just go with the flow – unbelievable.

Unphased by the news, we soldiered on, hahaha. I had the best time taking wedding photos with the girls, they were completely on point, joking, laughing and just having the best time ever. Even capturing a tearful first reveal by her dad almost brought me to tears too!

Check out some of highlight wedding photography from the brides pad below:

Victorian High Country Wedding Photographer

I’d have to say that this was one of the most epic drives to a wedding ceremony I have ever experienced. As I drove up Mt Buffalo the weather turned from sun, to rain, to hail and then as I reached the summit, beautiful large snow flakes started to fall from the sky.

As promised, the boys had come up with the goods. The wedding couldn’t take place in the originally planned open field because of the weather, so quick thinking and slighting dodgy, they decided to take over the Gorge Stone Hut at the top of Mt Buffalo. Tourists and explorers were happy to give up their warm sanctuary for the good of saving a wedding, hahaha.

Guests poured into the tiny hut, and although it was crammed, dark, cold and possibly illegal, it was just perfect! Everyone was happy and we just made it work. Cassandra arrived smiling from ear to ear and couldn’t wait to get married.

The ceremony went off without a hitch! It was beautiful, emotional, funny and unique. It was also very technically challenging for me, but I made it work and the results are killer.

We decided to delay the group photos and family photos until we got back to The House of Smoko as there just wasn’t enough room up at the hut. Deep down, I also just wanted to be selfish and have more time for photos with the crazy love birds.

So after the vows were exchanged, the kiss sealed the deal and the papers signed it was time for the fun stuff and off we went to brave the element and make magic happen!

This was no ordinary wedding photography. Cassandra kicked off her wedding shoes, chucked on a pair of boots and we were good to go. We braved the rain, wind, hail and snow to experience some of the best scenery that the Victorian High Country has to offer. Snow ball fights, nudie runs and painful belly laughter was just the tip of the iceberg for this wedding hahahaha.

Check out the stunning Victorian High Country wedding photography below:

North East Victoria Wedding Photographer

As you can see we had a lot of fun cruising around to different locations, and although I could have taken wedding photography of these guys for days, it was time to get back to The House at Smoko and get the party started.

Gosh this house is beautiful. Check out the photos and see for yourself! The tee-pee style marquee setup in the backyard looked amazinggg against the backdrop of the surrounding mountains and the styling inside the tent was 10 out of 10.

We quickly got the group wedding photos and family wedding photos out of the way first so that I could selfishly have some alone time with the couple again!! hahaha. I took them for one final wedding photography session around the house to make sure that I went above and beyond for these guys. Again, I don’t want to brag, but the photos are really really beautiful and it was totally worth stealing them away for half an hour to nail them 🙂

Finally, it was party time.

The bar was open, the drinks were flowing, guests were laughing, the food was being served and the dance floor was starting to warm up.

And that’s a wrap from me. Another wedding done and dusted. I was super happy with the wedding photography and I hope you like it too.

Here’s what Cassandra & Tim had to say:

“Chris was such an awesome guy, so easy to work with and professional, funny, engaging and flexible! We had some trying and unplanned weather conditions, and Chris dealt with all this with a smile and produced the most amazing photos.

He embraced our adventurous spirit, captured the magic of the day and the epic scenery of our outdoor wedding. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone!”