Amazing Mt Dandenongs Wedding at Tatra Receptions with Susan & Daniel! We almost had a run in with Puffing Billy! Gorgeous Tatra Receptions Wedding! 

Susan and Daniels wedding is one I will never forget! Set amongst the thick forest and mountains of the Dandenong Ranges at Tatra Receptions. The weather was cool, the colours are lush green and my bridal party were amazing!

Daniel was a groomsman in a previous wedding that I photographed so it was super important that I nailed this shoot. And, to be honest, it was easy! With such a stunning location and fun and loving bridal party, it would be hard to get it wrong.

Tatra Receptions is a historic property dating back to the late 1800’s. It is one of the most amazing wedding reception venues in Mt Dandenong, offering three separate options, including the gorgeous chapel, outdoor gazebo or the wrought-iron Cupola. The perfect locations coupled with the super experienced staff make Tatra Receptions my favourite venue when heading up to the Dandenong Ranges.

bride and groom running from Puffing Billy on Trestle Bridge in Mt Dandenong

Daniel and Susan decided to get married in the chapel and it was lucky they did, as just as the ceremony started, the clouds thundered and the rain poured down. Amazingly, the second the couple enjoyed their first kiss, the rain stopped and gave us a 2 hour window to get out and explore the stunning Tatra Receptions surroundings. We managed to get away from Tatra for about half an hour and made our way up to take some photos on Trestle Bridge. Ignoring the ‘DANGER’ signs we ventured onto the bridge to get our award winning hero shots! It was all fun and games until…

Enjoy the photos of from Tatra Receptions and Trestle Bridge!!